1. How can I learn more about Karatbars International? Before making a decision to join as an affiliate of Karatbars International you may have additional questions about the company and what more it has to offer. Remember that you may join for free which is risk-free. Click to visit the Karatbars International FAQ page.

  2. I want to start the dual system program but don't have the money for a business package. Are there any other options? There IS a way to earn a business affiliate package without ANY out of pocket cost by signing up affiliates who will purchase the Karatbars 3D metallic gift cards. During your first six weeks of registering as an affiliate, you can earn double commissions for selling these cards, and only need to sell three in order to earn enough commission to trade for a bronze business marketing package. If you are not able to accomplish this in the first six weeks but still want to purchase a business package, then there are other ways of getting cash you need. 

  3. The Karatbars gold seems overpriced when compared to fair market value. How does Karatbars make financial sense? With this program the basic premise is to exchange paper money for gold for your savings, but unlike purchasing gold in the free market online, there is a compensation plan offered for brining in other customers to make transactions as well. This difference in price is what makes this possible. One can make up for the price discrepancy by making sure that everyone in the program understands how to benefit. These video links explain why Karatbars is the best gold pricing available: Karatbars Pricing Facts - Wealth Builders Worldwide and Are Karatbars Expensive?

  4. How is Karatbars International NOT a pyramid, multi-level marketing, or ponzi scheme? Though to reap the most benefits from being a Karatbars International affiliate requires bringing new affiliates to the Karatbars family, this is not a scam, ponzi, pyramid, or multi-level marketing scheme. It is simply a great opportunity to start backing up your savings in gold with the extra perk of earning commissions for helping others do the same. 


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