Calling for Social Responsibility!

Welcome to SCCEEN the "Save Coal Country's Economy & Environment Network"! We are concerned citizens of the coal mining communities of the Appalachian Mountain regions who have been affected by the changes which have occurred over the past couple of decades related to the decline of the coal mining industry. We want to support our coal mining families by promoting socially responsible economic change in our region and want to help citizens, businesses, and organizations who want to promote this much needed change.

Coal mining jobs have been declining steadily for a couple of decades and actually slightly increased and leveled off under the Obama administration. In spite of the real reasons for this decline, which are mainly related to decreased demand, there is still a misconception that coal mining-related jobs can be brought back by putting pressure on the EPA to soften its regulations. The problem is that by doing this we put the safety of our miners and our environment at risk.


Coal Country refers to the coal mining communities of the Appalachian Mountain regions of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. This area is a vast source of natural and untapped resources which can support the local economies. What has been underestimated is that this region has much more to offer than just its coal. In fact, by preserving its beauty and promoting green job creation, this region has much to offer its communties as well as the world!

Generations of coal miners have prospered fom the coal mining industry, but the times have changed, and we must be  both socially and environmentally responsible and prepare our youth for the future. We must preserve our planet and inspire and educate our youth to solve the problems we face. We feel that socially responsible citizens, businesses, political leaders, and organizations can help create programs for our youth which will help them find careers in sustainable job markets which also preserve our planet.